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Banners / Personalised

Most people like a banner at their parties to mark a special occasion - but wouldn't it be nice to display a banner which says something a little more than just 'Happy Birthday' or 'Baby's Christening'? Well, here at Oscar's Den, we think so. For that reason, we offer a service whereby you can personalise a special occasion banner with your chosen wording, favourite colours, and even photos! If you are clever with your wording, you might even be able to use your banner multilpe times - for instance if you put a name and photo without a specific age. 

Personalised banners need 7 working days to create, and are available in 3 sizes. 

  • 4ft x 2ft / 120cm x 60cm
  • 5ft x 2ft / 150cm x 60cm
  • 6ft x 2ft / 180cm x 60cm

The banners shown here are just some example of the types of design you can choose from. There are many more in the catalogue in store, or alternatively, come up with somthing totally unique! 

For more information, please telephone 020 7328 6683